North East Atlantic Construction


North East Atlantic Construction is actively responding to the need of Green Technologies in construction to our clients.
The construction demands are raising global focus on energy consumption and sustainability; architects and engineers are innovating across our three-state area.
Tapered forms and vents are reducing the wind loads that often drive requirements for structural mass, utilization of solar energy, green roofs installations,
utilization of green materials and sophisticated facades restorations are among others, some of the services that we are involved.
North East Atlantic works in this process and is ready to work any Green Technology.

A new toolset from IES (Integrated Environmental Solutions), is a practice utilized by North East Atlantic Construction to help in the optimization of the
sustainability of a building design through analyzing the embodied impact and life cycle cost of material/product choices, and operational energy efficiency.

Integration of efficient elements is the key to connect with the sustainability. Therefore design/customization of spaces and elements is part of our services
that will be available for different building types. Additionally we keep and produce data for both generic and certified products/materials that will be filed
and submitted to keep on record the eco-building construction concept that we work with.